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Machine Reconditioning

Conversion of AC500 Machines to three separately controlled drives:

As a response to frequent requests we have decided to offer this commonly requested conversion as a package. The vast majority of Peter Wolters AC470/AC500 machines was only equipped with one frequency converter for all three drives. However, today’s precision grinding requires the possibility to operate all three drives with individual speed and rotational direction. Often it is else no longer possible to realize steady processes and acceptable life between dressings for the grinding tools.

Previously, the conversion of the original control cabinet was an extremely extensive and complex process. It involved the reconstruction of the entire control cabinet on-site. This was very time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, we have developed and successfully implemented a new solution for this conversion. Here you can see an additional side cabinet with all components required to operate all three drives separately. The additional side cabinet is connected with your machine using connectors and cable connections. In large part, the original relay control of your AC500 is left untouched. Merely the wiring in the load module is changed and additional sockets are added to the original cabinet. A small additional control unit for the three potentiometers is added to the existing control panel.

This procedure provides the following advantage: The system handling remains unchanged and your machine operators do not require additional training. Furthermore, side cabinet, cable set and control unit are pre-fabricated at our premises. This reduces the conversion times significantly. We only use branded components, such as Siemens, Rittal, Weidmüller and Klöckner Möller. Here, we focus on the perfect triggering of the existing pole changing motors in order to be able to utilize the largest torque possible.

The conversion includes:

  1. Side cabinet with three filtered Siemens frequency converters, Siemens frequency converters and Rittal control cabinet ventilation.
  2. Cable set with three cables and Weidmüller connectors for the machine connection ( 3 m)
  3. Additional control unit with three Klöckner-Möller potentiometers, indicator light and connecting cable
  4. The entire hardware with sockets and fuses for the conversion of the machine load circuit
  5. Travel expenses, working hours, hotel overnight stays and expense allowance for three days on-site within Germany
  6. The complete documentation as hardcopy, a connection diagram on the machine and a complete copy on DVD.