Test field and test stand

All functions of the machine pneumatics are checked after production of the control cabinet on our test stand. Here all movements of the machine can be readjusted. This is followed by a safety test according to the latest standards.

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Machine conversion kits

We manufacture complete conversion kits for you to bring your obsolete Peter Wolters machine back to the current state of automation technology. We deliver ready to connect a new control cabinet, a control panel and a complete new pneumatics. The new software is pre-installed, so that the changeover time in your home is significantly reduced.

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Service and repairs

Our experienced service team carries out repairs and overhauls on your Peter Wolters machines. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art tools and measuring equipment. We maintain a large pool of spare parts suppliers who support us in our work. New service vehicles with selected equipment and spare parts are also available.

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machine cleaning

With the help of special cleaning agents we are able to clean your system from the ground up. Afterwards an exact inspection is possible to find necessary repairs and sources of error.

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